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The Arab-British Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with Lifestyle Property London to introduce a series of Property Investment Workshops. These workshops will allow a support forum for those who are concerned in any way with property investment and development opportunities.

The workshop is a series of four briefings a year and will include tips about what you need to know to become successful as a property investor or developer. Introducing an exclusive investment opportunity for ABCC members. A newly emerging market worth a projected £54 Billion of investment opportunities across Central London and Greater London. With investor returns of over 20%, prior to the IPO launch of this initiative.

They are designed to help you connect with senior decision makers, experts who do this for a living, and keep up-to-date with trends and developments in a relaxed setting.




Arab British Chamber of Commerce

43 Upper Grosvenor Street, London, W1K 2NJ

This initiative was developed in association with

Lifestyle Property London



3:30pm for Registration

4:00pm – 6:00pm





The Team



AK | Managing Director

AK has been involved with property & development for over 25 years. He has built up relationships over the years, enabling him to have access to off-market properties, and distress sales. It offers the best margins for our clients, often in choice London postcodes. AK has the technical experience and deals with architects, structural engineers and managing projects. Over the years AK has been able to source manufactures with quality products to suit the budget of his clients.


Sadia Afghan | Director

Sadia worked in investment banking for over 18 years. She resigned in 2008 and joined her husband & partner AK, refurbishing properties & developments. Having had a complete renovation and refurbishment for her new home, she found that as a working couple it was extremely difficult to manage the builders, time spent liaising and the stressful experience!

Sadia decided to change the business model and provide the full "360" Building service for residential market and since then the business has grown from strength to strength. The aim is to develop her business by providing the customer service which has been lacking in this industry. Building sector which is primarily male dominated needs a feminine input to bring that personalised service.


Val Bagnall | Consultant

Val has some 24 years residential development experience across both the public and private sector, the last 14 years holding a range of executive and non executive levels for major asset investors. Val joined Apex Airspace in January 2016 to develop their capability and profile in the London market, where he has assisted procure a pipeline of some £60m plus of new projects, working with a large range of asset portfolio holders. In addition to his Apex role, he is also a non executive director of a Housing Group based in Maidenhead and a consultant for Lifestyle property London.


Suniya Qureshi | Assistant Director

Suniya is responsible for managing stakeholders and liaising with clients – both locally and overseas. Her core achievements have been fundraising, outreach, managing stakeholder expectations, campaigning, and media marketing for both companies – Lifestyle Design + Build and Lifestyle Property London.




Thursday 23 March 2017

 How to Identify the Right Property Investment



Areas covered:



  • Emerging Trends in London Market

- Area Intel - Commuter belt, schools, regeneration

- Buy to live or buy to let - What’s the focus of your investment?

- London Property market trends - Cross-Rail and the M25 belt


  • Hot Spots for Investment in London

- Postcode Insight - Trending hotspots which have capital growth

- Off plan/off market - New Build versus conversions/Office to Res


  • Unique Investment opportunity

- Unlock the potential of 180,000 homes

- Emerging market worth £54bn

- High returns guaranteed


  • The 360 Service Offer

- Understanding your style (The boutique hotel feel or minimalist chic)

- Products supplied such as Kitchen/bathroom/Flooring

- Interior Design Service

- Refurbishments of your property with complete project management

- Concept to Completion without the stress



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Thursday 29 June 2017

Second Workshop

 Taxation / Legal & Understanding T&C's


Areas covered:


  • The Non Dom status - Taxation strategy which works for you/Post Brexit
  • Stamp Duty - Which properties are exempt?
  • Rental Properties - How to manage rental incomes tax efficiently
  • Redevelopment projects - The investment loop and flipping property







Thursday 14 September 2017

Third Workshop

 Financial Platforms to Underpin your Deals


Areas covered:

  • JV’s - How to determine an appropriate deal structure/exit strategy
  • Lending - High street versus brokers, IFA’s
  • Syndicated Investments - Trusted partners
  • Post Brexit and Forex - Money exchange rates/moving assets
  • ROI - Projected returns


Thursday 7 December 2017

Fourth Workshop

 Conversions from Commercial to Residential



Areas covered:

  • Where are the best margins in the property market?
  • What's the winning combination in a conversion?
  • What sort of budgets are needed to make a project work for me?
  • Which Councils are conversion friendly?






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