Why join the ABCC

Wide-Scale Networking Opportunities

Our networking opportunities expand across the Arab world and Great Britain, with the aim of building and cementing commercial partnerships and trade relations. This benefit goes to the heart of the Chamber's mission to develop friendships through trade.

International Forums
ABCC Annual Arab Networking Meeting
Ministerial Roundtables
Ambassadorial Receptions
Seminars and Workshops
Regular Members' Meetings

Up-To-Date Insights & Information 

The Chamber strives to deliver timely and expedient data to its members in order to help them effectively navigate markets and make informed business decisions. These detail the latest projects, initiatives, business opportunities, reports, surveys and changes in commercial regulations and legislation.

Our Publications

Economic Focus Magazine Quarterly
Arab British Trade Directory Annually
Arab British Banking and Finance Annually
E-Bulletin Monthly
Newsletter Daily

All our members receive a printed copy of our publications along with the e-book version. In addition, all our members are kept up-to-date with news from the Chamber via emails. We are pleased to receive your Press Releases, Business Articles and Event Announcements to be considered for publication. Click here for more information...

Advertising & Exposure

Our premises attract between 18,000 and 20,000 people per year including distinguished visitors from governments, embassies, commerce and the media; our website and social media pages receive over 50,000 visits every month; our publications are sent to over 7,000 recipients in the Arab Countries and in the UK; and our frequent events offer unique high visibility corporate networking.