Membership Categories

At the ABCC we provide three different types of membership designed to suit your business requirements. Whither you are looking to benefit from our trade services, special rates for venue hiring, attending events and networking or media exposure.


This category is mostly suitable for SMEs and corporate companies.

If you are seeking to develop a competitive profile and access to the ABCC networks of knowledge, power and influence; if you are looking for special rates on our services, good exposure, and networking then Silver Membership is the perfect fit for your needs.


This category is exclusively offered to large organisations.

If your organisation is looking for wider exposure and institutional visibility, if your organisation is looking for an effective role and contribution through events, then Gold membership will be the right fit for your needs. You will be given the opportunity to meet with UK and Arab leaders and benefit from our wide range of services at special rates.


This category is exclusively offered to large organisations that encompass a turnover of £50m and over.

If yourorganisation wishes to become more involved and obtain more exposure and take advantage of sponsorship opportunities; if your organisationis looking for access to and networking with diplomats, politicians, senior business figures, and other Platinum members we invite you to consider our Platinum membership package.