The Publications Unit at the Chamber produces ongoing publications: the Arab-British Business, the Arab-British Trade Directory and Economic Focus.

Our publications highlight the dynamic developments occurring around the UK and the Arab world, which make it such a challenging and rewarding place to do business.

Choice of content is guided by the Chamber's founding ethic embodied in the motto, 'Friendship through Trade', a sentiment that remains as relevant today as when the Chamber was established more than 30 years ago.

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The Arab-British Banking and Finance Directory is published annually. It contains up-to-date profiles of the banking, insurance and financial sectors of each of the Arab countries and also the UK.

These profiles and the accompanying editorial features on various topics are complemented by comprehensive listings of each country’s banks and financial institutions.

The directory designed to be used as an information source for investors, companies seeking investment or anyone looking for financial institutions which are active in developing links between Britain and the Arab world.

The publication is available for purchase but is given to Chamber members as part of their membership package.