Visa Services

If you are travelling to an Arab country and need a visa secured quickly and efficiently, then the Chamber’s Visa Section is the ideal point of contact. We can provide this service whatever type of visa you require such as a business visa, a work visa or a family visa. 

Please contact Mr Saleh Hasaballah for details of the terms and requirements to obtain your visa at or 020 7659 4875

The visa service is available for the following countries, please select the country for which you would like an application form.

Please make sure that the form is carefully completed and signed. Upon completion send your passport along with your application form and the correct fee.

The address to send your documents to is:

Arab-British Chamber of Commerce
Visa Section
43 Upper Grosvenor Street

Prices And Supporting Documents

You can either check the price and details of any necessary supporting documentation, or you can contact the London embassy of the Arab country concerned or you can contact the Visa Section of the Chamber.

Once you have determined the total cost of the service you require, you should send payment for the total amount to the Chamber. Payment must be accompanied by the passport(s), visa application form(s) and supporting documentation. All cheques should be made payable to the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce.
To ensure security, it is essential that passports are always sent by registered post, by courier, or delivered by hand.

Collecting Your Passport

If you have specified that you wish your passport to be sent back to you by courier, you should make arrangements for this to happen only after having ascertained that the passport is ready for collection, and after having informed the Visa Section of proposed collection arrangements.

If you wish to collect the passport yourself, please inform the Visa Section, giving an indication of your intended arrival date and time.

General Terms For Business Visa Applications Through The Chamber

The Chamber’s visa service is available to all UK-headquartered firms and firms with offices in the UK, except in the case of visas for Saudi Arabia. The Chamber does its utmost to assist in obtaining visas in the shortest possible time. It cannot, however, guarantee when an embassy will issue a visa. In case of non-issuance of a visa, only embassy fees will be refunded. Applicants wishing to have their passports returned by post must enclose a stamped, addressed Special Delivery envelope.

Foreign Applicants (Except EU Nationals)

All applicants should have valid residence status in the UK.
The host company in the Arab country must send an invitation via fax, to the relevant consulate in London stating the following:

  • Name of visitor
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Name of UK employer

Chamber Fees And Visa Services For Countries In The Middle East And North Africa

The Chamber's Visa Service is subject to an administrative charge of £36 for members and £72 for non-members. There are, of course, charges for the visa itself, which vary according to the country in question.

Cheques For The Total Amount Should Be Made Payable To The Arab-British Chamber Of Commerce

Please note that British citizens who are holders of UK & EU passports do not require a visa for Bahrain, Morocco, Kuwait, Tunisia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.
A visa application for Saudi Arabia takes four working days to process. Please click here to view Saudi Arabian visa instructions and sample covering letter.

For inquiries, please